All Made Up/Poolside/Vegas Style


Makeup Mix ~ Summertime

You want to wear makeup but not look overdone.

Make sure you stick with lighter, sheer shades that enhance your look, but there’s also add a bright kick of color in just the right places.

First step ~ Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen…Wait around 10 minutes and follow up with tinted moisturizer.

If you need total coverage of a foundation, water it down with a bit of sunscreen and then apply. A mineral powder formulation is a wonderful option that can help you avoid looking greasy after hours of playing in the sun.

While most women are headed to the pool to get the natural bronze look, it doesn’t hurt to wear a little bronzer here and there. Use a matte bronzing powder in a shade similar to your natural tan. Place it lightly on your eyelids, the top of your cheekbones, your forehead and chin.

You may think that a day at the pool is all about waterproofing, but while using smudge-proof products can help, be careful which ones you choose. Some waterproof makeup can appear very harsh, particularly in bright sunlight.

Waterproof mascara is always a safe option.

For poolside pouting, nothing beats a bright lip. Consider using longwearing stains and mattes instead of glosses. An alternate to a bright lip is a bright eye in tangerine or peacock blue. Just be sure to only apply the bright shade to lids. Consider using eye paints that last longer in the sun and water.

The focus here may be on your face, but don’t forget the rest of you! There’s nothing like bright colored toes to top off a pool look. Toes are a great place to wear trendy colors!

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2 Thoughts on “All Made Up/Poolside/Vegas Style

  1. PokerBunny on June 11, 2013 at 11:57 pm said:

    If you had to chose only 3 items for some fun in the sun, What would you choose?
    For me I would choose… #1 SPF Bronzed tinted water proof “oil” spray, it goes on more evenly. #2 Water proof mascara, a must! #3 A big hat to protect my face.:)

    For bleach treated blonds. Don’t you hate that the chlorine changes your beautiful locks blue or green!:( Well, I have found this lil trick works! Wet your hair first and drench it in conditioner. It locks out the chlorine, then after wash with Paul Mitchel chlorine swimmers shampoo. If buy chance your hair does change green, sounds weird but windex, yes ladies! Good old glass cleaning windex gets the green out!
    I can’t wait to be poolside!!!

    • Oh my goodness! Windex? Wow! That sounds like a great future post! :)

      My three items would be… my sexiest bikini, some great tunes and Leonardo Di Caprio! (a girl can dream) ;)

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