How to fill in your eyebrows

eyebrows-right-shapeThere are a few factors that will help create a beautifully filled in eyebrow.

  • Eyebrow shape that fits your face.
  • Color/shade you’re using to fill in your eyebrows.
  • Deciding what works best for your eyebrows, pencil or shadow/brow powder.

Creating your eyebrow shape: If you have very little eyebrow hair you can create this shape when filling in your eyebrows, if you have thick enough eyebrows you can tweeze/wax/thread them to be the right shape for your face. Your eyebrow shape depends on your eye. Ideally, your brow should start where your eye starts and stop where you eye stops. Your arch should be where your iris ends.

What shade/color to use: If you have blonde/lighter hair then you want to fill in your eyebrows with a shade two to three shades darker than your current hair color, if you have brown/darker hair you want to fill in your eyebrows a shade two to three times lighter than your current hair color. You also want to take into consideration the undertones to your hair.  Do you have warm, neutral or cool undertones in your hair? If you have strawberry blonde hair you wouldn’t want to use the same shade as someone with ash blonde hair because one is cool and one is warm and it would look a bit off.

How to fill in your eyebrows: I personally prefer using a matte eye shadow or brow powder with an angled brush because I think it looks a little more natural. However the concept of filling in eyebrows is the same using pencil or powder.

The trick to get natural looking, fabulous eyebrows is to create a gradient effect from the beginning of the brow to the end starting from light and fading to dark. Naturally, our eyebrows are not super thick and dark from beginning to end. To make this gradient effect, fill in the beginning of your brow with a very light hand and with short strokes to mimic real hair. The farther towards the arch you go you can start filling in with more pressure to make a darker look. You can also use two different shades one lighter eyeshadow/pencil and one darker eyeshadow/pencil that often come in brow duos.

I prefer to start outlining the bottom of my brow to create the shape then filling in the rest of the brow. You can outline your brows with a concealer after to create a very crisp, sharp brow.



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