Big Curls


5631141Vivacious volume at the roots and sleek, defined curls on the bottom. This voluminously bouncy hairstyle can be worn for many different events and occasions. Versatile, easy and sure to please. Follow these these voluminous hair tutorial directions to achieve this head turning hairstyle!

To achieve this look you’re going to need a curling iron or curling wand (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my curling wand!), a teasing comb, and some flexible hold hairspray.

Start by teasing all of the hair on the crown of your head at the roots. Once your hair is teased up, very gently smooth the surface of the hair that has been teased by softly dragging the bristles of the brush across the surface. Make sure not to actually brush your hair, but just try to smooth out the “bird’s nest” look by smoothing the hair on the very surface. After you smooth your teased up hair, lightly mist with a flexible hold hairspray. Next, start curling. Curl hair in sections no thicker than 1.5″ and make sure to start each curl further down from the root (about halfway down your strands, in the mid-shaft area). Try to make it so that all of your curls are from the chin, down. Once all your ends are curled, turn your hair dryer on to the cold setting and using low blowing power, hit your hair with a flash of cold air to lock in the curls. Finish style by lightly misting with hairspray once more.

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