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How to remove peeling facial skin…


 Help!  I look like a zombie!!!


A bad sunburn is not only a painful reminder of too much sun, but a sunburn can also cause skin peeling as the top layer of damaged skin is removed.  How many of you love the appearence of your skin after applying your liquid foundation?  If you are anything like me, you stare at yourself in the mirror wondering if you can get a role as a zombie on, “The Walking Dead” television show. 

Here is a at home remedy you can use to help rid yourself of this flaky mess:

Apply aloe vera gel to your sunburned face several times daily. Aloe vera helps promote healing of damaged skin while soothing itchiness and pain due to sunburn. The gel also introduces moisture to the skin, helping prevent or eliminate skin peeling as the skin dries.

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Treatments for Dry Chapped Hands

If you are like me and tend to forget to wear rubber gloves when doing household chores such as washing clothes, doing the dishes, or tending to my yard. Detergents, cleaners and garden sprays may contain harmful chemicals that can strip the natural moisturizing oils from the skin, leaving your hands rough and dehydrated.  

 The best way to avoid dry chapped hands is to opt for soaps and/or sanitizers that has minimum amount of alcohol. I also suggest you use a good quality hand lotion afterwards to moisturize and condition your hands. Apply a good thick hand cream without petroleum, ideally made with ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, or beeswax.

I found a few treatments for Dry Chapped Hands that you may want to try on this Makeover Monday!








Homemade shea butter hand cream:

Melt together 4 tablespoons beeswax and 8 tablespoons shea butter. Then add 8 tablespoons evening primrose oil and 10 drops lavender essential oils. Mix all ingredients completely until smooth. Transfer to a jar, and leave to harden.

Homemade coca butter hand cream:

 Melt together 4 tablespoons beeswax and 4 tablespoons cocoa butter. Add 4 tablespoons almond oil and mix them really well. Pour into a jar and let it solidify.

It always a good idea to use a hand scrub before using a hand cream so that the cream can be better absorbed. Try making this inexpensive home made papaya almond oatmeal hand scrub. It is a gentle exfoliating hand scrub that will get rid of dead skin cells while moisturizing the skin underneath, leaving you with nourished, soft, touchable skin.

Homemade papaya almond hand scrub:

1 tablespoon papaya, ½ teaspoon ground almonds, ½ teaspoon ground oatmeal (you can also replace it with sugar or salt ), 1 teaspoon honey, and ¼ teaspoon pineapple juice.

Mashing papaya in a small bowl. Add oatmeal, almonds, honey and pineapple juice. Stir until a paste forms. Place mixture in your refrigerator for 15 minutes.

To use, lightly scrub the mixture over your hands. Gently massage your skin for about 5 minutes before washing off thoroughly with cool water.

You can also use this simple hand soak made with pineapple juice to help remove dead skin cells and soften rough hands. This natural home remedy is perfect for dry or chapped hands.

Homemade handsoak  treatment:

2 tablespoons honey, 10 drops lemon balm oil, 10 drops papaya oil, and organic pineapple juice.

Heat honey in your microwave oven for 10 seconds, and transfer it into a bowl, large enough to comfortably fit both hands. Slowly stir in lemon balm oil and papaya oil. Then pour pineapple juice into the bowl until it is about ¾ full.

Soak your hands in mixture for about 15 minutes while gently massaging your hands and fingers. Rinse off completely with cool water.

Have a wonderful Monday! xoxo Mel

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Coconut Oil Night Cream

Summer is just days away and if you have skin like mine then you are probably always looking for a face cream that will help with dry skin.

A friend of mine back home in good ol’ Venice Beach is always coming up with new recipes for DIY skin care and I am always the first person to jump at trying new products.

Try this  DYI Coconut Oil Night Cream and you will see a difference with your skin in just a few days!









Items needed:

1 egg
1/4 cup organic sesame oil
1/4 cup organic sunflower oil
1 tablespoon liquid lecithin
1 tablespoon fresh organic lemon juice
1/2 cup organic coconut oil


Put the egg and sesame oil together in a blender and blend at a low speed. As it is blending put in the organic flower, lemon juice and lecithin slowly until it is well mixed. Add your organic coconut oil gradually to make a thick paste. Store the prepared cream in a refrigerator for one hour and repeat the blending process at a low speed.

Use this organic face cream on the face and neck before going to bed. Store the cream in a jar in a refrigerator with a few drops of Vitamin E, and it can last for up to 2 weeks.


 xoxo Mel

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DIY Acne Spot Treatment

Makeover Monday!

DIY Acne Spot Treatment Recipe #1: Baking Soda & Lemon Juice

This is probably my all time favorite because it’s affordable, easy-to-make and you can actually feel it working unlike most home remedies.

You just need the following:

1 Fresh Lemon

The alpha hydroxy acid found in most citrus-based fruits including lemons, acts as a natural antibacterial. Once the conditions are right for bacteria to breed, they’re extremely hard to remove. Lemon juice is one of the only easy-to-get ingredients that has the ability to naturally destroy acne causing bacteria.

1 Tablespoon Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great ingredient for DIY microdermabrasion, due to its ability to rapidly exfoliate micro-particles from your skin. It’s one of the most affordable ways of exfoliating your skin, something we’re in desperate need of when signs of acne start to surface.

Making The Spot Treatment

Just follow these simple steps for making and applying this spot treatment:

Step One: Take your tablespoon of baking soda and mix it in a bowl with 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Stir using a spoon and you should start to notice it froth a little before calming down into a paste.

Step Two: Apply directly to the problem areas and rub in a circular motion for about a minute. Leave on for about 20 minutes or better yet overnight for maximum results.

DIY Acne Spot Treatment Recipe #2: Coconut Oil & Turmeric

Okay so you probably don’t have any coconut oil or turmeric in your pantry. If you do then great! If not, this will be a one time investment because both of them will last for a long time.

The first spot treatment was more for those with combination skin like myself, whereas this one is better suited for those with drier than normal skin.

Coconut Oil

Have you ever heard the old saying that “like attracts like”? Well in this case the coconut oil we’re using will help attract the unwanted sebum oil that caused the initial blockage. What we’re actually doing is using one oil to wash away another.

By removing a large amount of the sebum oil naturally produced in our skin, we can help free up any blockages that lead to the initial acne breakout.


This ingredient has a whole host of benefits including being an natural antibacterial, soothing agent and even an anti-inflammatory. Just like the alpha hydroxy acid in the first spot treatment recipe, the turmeric in this one will help to kill any unwanted acne causing bacteria.

Making The Spot Treatment

Again this is a really simple recipe to make, just two steps:

Step One: In a bowl, mix 1/2 tsp of turmeric with 1/2 tsp of coconut oil. Just stir until the mixture looks nice and even.

Step Two: Using your ‘clean’ fingers, apply the treatment directly to your problem areas about 20 minutes before going to bed. Rub in gently in a circular motion.

Step Three: After waking up in the morning, rinse off your face with warm water.

Things To Think About

Although you should notice a major difference after just one treatment of both of these, it will most likely take 2-3 days for your spots to fully heal.

The earlier you apply both of these remedies, the faster the results will be.

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Monday Makeover ~ Lip Scrub Recipes


Summer is approaching and we want beautiful, smooth lips!  

Try one of my Lip Scrub Recipes here …  and then break out your lip gloss!

xoxo Mel

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Makeover Monday…

With trips to the spa costing as much as a couple hundred dollars simply for a facial; more and more people are finding ways to save money and get the same benefits from items they have stashed in their refrigerator.

But because you don’t want to stick just anything on your face, here are a list of some of the most beneficial ingredients for your specific skin type that will help revive your skin so it will look and feel healthier than it ever has before.


Oily Skin

A moisturizing mask like one with avocado or olive oil in it is the last thing you want to spread on your skin. If you have oily skin it is best to look for one that will absorb natural oils without over-drying your complexion.

Banana Mask: This mask is the perfect way to take advantage of bananas that are too ripe to eat, but a soft consistency to spread on your face. Just mix a bit of honey and a couple of bananas into a blender or a food processor and then spread onto clean skin. Keeping this mask on for 10-15 minutes will help absorb oil.

Aspirin Mask: Not only can aspirin help your headache feel better, but it can also help dry up pimples that have been caused by too much oil blocking your pores. Simply crush up some aspirin and mix into a little bit of water and honey for a mask that will dry up your skin.

Strawberry and Lemon Mask: As natural astringents, these two fruits work well as natural cleansers that won’t irritate your skin. Mix some lemon juice, 1 cup strawberries, 2 egg whites and a little bit of honey into a blender. Leave this mask on your skin for at least ten minutes and then rinse your oil and bacteria away.

Dry Skin

Unlike oily skin, you’re looking for masks that not only help you keep your own moisture in, but will add a little extra moisture while they’re at it. Even though you’re not going to want to sleep with moisturizing masks on, it’s best to keep them on as long as possible in order to quench your skin’s thirst.

Milk Mask: Surprisingly, milk works great as a moisturizer as well as a soothing agent for skin that might be so dry it’s chapped. Mix some powdered milk with honey and aloe vera gel. Because this mixture can get a little runny, it’s best to use powdered milk if you have it, but if you need to do regular milk simply use less aloe.


Avocado Mask: If your skin is in desperate need for some moisture, try this ultra-concentrated mask. Mix some very ripe avocado with a little bit of olive oil and egg whites in a blender. Spread onto clean skin and let it rest as long as you can. In fact, it’s best to put this mask on before you get into a bath so that your pores can be open and the moisture can sink beneath the surface level.

Don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a facial even if the spas will make you pay a fortune for one. Find one that will work best for your skin type to make the most of your skin, as well as your groceries!

I have dry skin so tonight I will be applying the Avocado Mask :)

Enjoy your night!

xoxo Mel


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