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The Real JT

In 1982 I sat in my mother and father’s living room and watched a new band perform on television in the United States for their very first time.  They played two songs and if I remember correctly those songs were, “Hungry Like The Wolf” & “Rio”… The camera showed each member of this band called, “Duran Duran” … I remember thinking how relatively good looking these guys are.  As the camera panned to one particular member I believe I had experienced my very first jaw dropping moment.  Those dark eyes, square jaw line, and his hair was long and styled better than mine could ever be… His name was John Taylor or JT … he was 22 years old and it was love at first sight…







I am dedicating this Throwback Thursday to John Taylor who is celebrating his 53rd Birthday today! 

If you are interested in reading about John’s life … you can buy a copy of his recently published biography here… or check out the website for up to date information on Duran Duran.






xoxo… Mel

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June: The Month of Weddings

Have you ever wondered why the month of June is the favored month to have your wedding? 

According to Dr. Roher (All Things Psychological) he writes that, “The history of weddings celebrated during the month of June goes all the way back to early Roman times, well over two thousand years ago! June was considered the time when people came outdoors after a long winter and bathed communally.  I guess to marry when one is clean seemed to them to be a good beginning.”  Interesting stuff!

When I think about weddings, of course my thoughts go right to the wedding reception which brings me to this week’s Throwback Thursday.   When the dance floor opens at the reception it always seems to be a slow start.  I think the alcohol hasn’t hit most of us but for some reason as soon as you hear the beginning chords to that one song, come on… you know what I am talking about! 


People go nuts!!! Everyone jumps out of their seats and runs towards the dance floor.  Even 80 year old Aunt Edna with the bad hip is making her way to the dance floor running over small children with her walker just to find the right spot to boogie.

So thank you Kenny Loggins, the writers and producers of Footloose, the movie… and I can not forget Kevin Bacon, who i dedicate this Throwback Thursday to!!!

“Let’s Dance!”

xoxo Mel

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Cheryl Ladd Charlie’s Angels

I had a discussion yesterday with some girlfriends regarding “girl crushes”….  One friend said that she has a crush on Angelina Jolie as another said that she loves Katy Perry.  This discussion prompted today’s Throwback Thursday!  

I thought back to my very first girl crush ~ Cheryl Ladd…



I looked Ms. Ladd up today and she is just as beautiful as ever at the young age of 61.


Ladies did you or do you currently have a “girl crush”, if so and if you dare to share….who is it?

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Throwback Thursday…

Last weekend I watched all three Iron Man movies which gave me the idea for today’s Throwback Thursday….



Remember when Mickey Rourke looked like this? 

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