Toning Lower Abs


Before you can begin using lower ab toning exercises, you need to understand the reason why you have additional inches in that area. If you eat more calories than you burn off, these inches may be due to additional fat storage in this area. For some women, this is a genetically predisposed condition that will be a problem for them but not a problem without a solution. You just might have to work out a little harder. If youve had a child, you might also have extra flesh in this area from having a child. In either case, you will need to do toning exercises for your abs as well as switch to a healthier diet thats lower in calories in fat.

The first of the two lower ab toning exercises that really work is the plank. While this seems like a simple exercise that really wouldnt do anything for you, its been used by dancers and ballerinas for years to help with their core strength. And how many dancers have you seen with lower ab problems? To perform this exercise, you need to get to the floor, supporting yourself with your hands and your knees. Take your hands and place them flat on the floor, next to each other in front of your face. Straighten your legs out behind you and straighten your entire body. Hold this position for as long as you can. By tightening your abs, you will make the exercise easier.

Another of the effective lower ab toning exercises that you can do are lower abdominal crunches. These are completed by lying on the ground with your hands behind your head as though you were doing a traditional crunch. But to focus on your lower abs, you want to raise your legs in the air, straight if you can and then crunch toward them as you lift your buttocks off the floor at the same time. If you find that this is too much for you, you can adjust the movement by keeping your upper body on the floor and just lifting your buttocks off the ground.

With lower ab toning exercises and diet changes, you will begin to see a smoother and flatter lower abdomen.

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