At Home Dumbbell Workout

dumbbell workout• Bicep Curl – holding the dumbbells, let your arms hang at your sides. Then raise one arm at a time. (Arms/Biceps)
• Flat/ Inclined Chest Presses – you do this by lying on your back on either a flat surface or an inclined surface. Extend your arms holding the dumbbells above your chest, and lower the dumbbells to your chest (in this case, adjust weight which you can carry to avoid losing grip of the dumbbells which can cause an injury) (Chest)
• Flat/Inclined Chest Flies – you also do this while lying on your back on a flat or inclined surface (ideally with a 45 degree tilt). Extending your arms above while holding the dumbbells, bend your elbows to the floor, and lower your arms to the floor. (Chest)
• Lateral Raises – while standing, bend your knees a little bit. Then hold the dumbbells to your sides. Bend your elbows and raise dumbbells, having your arms parallel to the floor. Then slowly return to starting position. (Shoulder)
• Bent Over rows – lie with your face down at a bench, letting the dumbbells hang from your arms. Then pull up the dumbbells towards your chest. (Back Muscles)
• Shrug – stand upright, with knees slightly bent, and legs parallel to chest. Holding the dumbbells, raise your shoulders upwards. Then slowly return to starting position.
• Hammer curls – standing straight up, hold the dumbbells to your side then bend your elbows and raise dumbbell up to your chin. Repeat for the other side. (Biceps)
• Triceps Extensions – standing straight up, hold dumbbells with arms extended, shoulder level, raising it overhead. Then slowly bend elbows back down. (Triceps)
• Half Squats – While standing in an upright position, hold the dumbbells to your sides. Keep your feet parallel to shoulder width. Then bend your knees, but with your back still flat. Then return to starting position. (Legs)
• Calf Raises – sit on a bench, and keep legs about a foot apart. Gripping your dumbbells still, let it lie on your thighs. Then, raise your heels using the force of toes. Then lower it again and repeat. (Calf)
You can do each dumbbell exercise starting from 3 sets each, with 10 reps minimum. You can increase the intensity later. Remember to warm up before doing any of these dumbbell exercises, and also don’t rush your routines. Take a rest in between exercises for 1-2 minutes. Cool down by stretching after every session.

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