Documenting Your Baby’s Growth

The First Year…

When my son was a few weeks old I noticed how quickly he began to physically change day by day.  I wanted to document his growth through photos.  On the 21st of every month…. (he was born on the 21st) I took a photo of him lying on his boppy with a sign I made and laid next to him that read, “I am One Month Old.”  I continued this for a year.  My mother bought me a frame like this one and I hung it in his nursery.    



I purchased a small photo album like this…


 and placed his monthly photos in it as well.

My son is going to be 10 years old soon and at night when I tuck him into bed he asks me to get his special baby book and we snuggle together and I tell him stories about himself as a baby.

Here is an example of an amazing keepsake for your child!


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