Minecraft Birthday Party

I have started preparing items for my son’s Minecraft Birthday Party coming up in August.

This is the invitation that I made.





















I printed the invitation on heavy card stock and also printed this warning card….



I want the parents of the children attending my son’s birthday party to know that the video games they are playing will contain graphic content that isn’t suitable for everyone.  It may or may not affect the amount of children attending his party.  Attaching the warning card might save some unnecessary phone calls later…

This is the goody bag that I started to design by printing out a photo of Steve and using a glue stick to paste it to a brown lunch bag…..I may add something to jazz it up a bit…..

goody bag













Here is the water bottle label I created…water bottle


Party Favors:

I bought some fun size candy bars and printed my own Creeper labels.  I also purchased some various party favors and printed my own labels for those items as well.  The Steve blowers I added shiny ribbon to just to make them look more festive.

la la











Food Table Decor:

I printed out the Minecraft food icons for various yummy stuff that will be served.  I placed each  cut out  in it’s own small black frame that will be displayed directly in front of each item offered.

Minecraft Food



I printed out Minecraft Steve, TNT & Ghast icons and pasted them to fruit juice boxes. minecraft drinks







I will have TNT cake pops for a dessert item and wanted a cute way to display them on the food table. I purchased two styrofoam squars and glued this print on each side… The styrofoam will work great by keeping the cake pops securely in place. Minecraft Cakepop holder









( picture courtesy of  www.thecakepopqueen.com )






 Party Room Decorations:

A 7’5” Steve…. Creeper and Pig…. made with boxes, kraft paper and paint.  The TNT and Spider are in development!!!

(I will most likely auction these pieces off on Ebay after the party… They would be awesome decor for a child’s bedroom!)

Minecraft Steve Creeper












Here are the Creeper napkins I put together: napkin creepers







I came across these little poppers and thought, “hmmm TnT”… I printed out TNT labels and glued them on… super simple!












The goody bags are complete!

bag02 bag01











Decorating for the party was so much fun!

I had wrapped Justin’s birthday present in a box and then decorated it as TNT… We hung the TNT box with Justin’s present in it on the ceiling and later lowered the box down for him to open.  His friends thought it was pretty cool :)

Minecraft Party  








Guest tables:

100_4002 100_4001 minecraft birthday party








 100_3985 Minecraft Birthday Party











Snack/Lunch Table: Minecraft Party

 minecraft party








Beverage Station: I bought soda bottles and printed out Minecraft potions and used a glue stick to paste onto the bottles.

minecraft birthday party


















 Dessert Station:

 tnt pops  minecraft cake










dessert station

mel birthday














I wrapped the wall art in our home with kraft paper and glued Minecraft paper figures to them…minecraft birthday party













On the television we had this photo showing during the party:

minecraft party


From start to finish this party was well worth the work put into it.  It was priceless seeing my son’s face as he looked at everything that had been done especially for him.  The kids and parents who attended were amazed by all the little touches…. I had a blast!  He only turns 10 once!

I hope you will be able to use some of my ideas for your child’s party!  I have kept a lot of the templates for the items I have made and I don’t mind sharing!  Hey, we all try to save time and money!!! Just shoot me an email :)   xoxo Mel

minecraft party

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  1. Mike on May 26, 2013 at 10:33 pm said:

    Love the warning card idea. Don’t think I have ever seen that before from any Parent. Great idea.

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